Hand Push Hot - melting Road Marking Machine

Road Marking Machine is widely used in roads, highways, parking lots, squares and runways to paint different constraints, guidelines and warnings markers on flat ground. With its advantages of rapid and high efficiency, the road marking machine has played a huge role in urban planning and highway construction, which has saved the construction period and economic input to the maximum extent.

  • Painting different constraints, guidelines and warnings markers on flat ground


  • It has the function of width adjustment and helps to use and save paint reasonably. The adjustable range is 5~15 cm.
  • There are 1 redundant wheels at the back of the machine that can depict crooked lines.
  • Double-layer stainless steel heating barrel, capacity 100kg, plug-in manual mixing device, removable device.
  • Carbide landing knife, able to adjust the thickness of 1-2.5 mm range of marking.

Executive Standard:

  • JT/T 3155-1992

Type Weight (kg) Heating Temperature Reticle Width (mm) Reticle Thickness (mm) Outline Size (mm) Marking Speed (M/h) Price
BPM-S02 120 0~250℃ 100,150,200,300,400,500 1-3 1200 × 900 × 1100 500-1000 $2000.00
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