Working Night Reflective Safety Clothing

With the principle of refraction and reflection, reflective safety clothing is made by an advanced processing technology after tuning focus. This safety clothing is made of high-visibility reflective material, in the light irradiation, the formation of a strong reflective beam, playing a security warning role. Especially in the dark conditions, making the car driver see everything in the distance and protecting the outdoor and night staff.
  • Widely used in public security, armed police, traffic, sanitation, property management, gas stations, parking lots, road construction, unit management, nocturnal walk, driving safety, rescue construction, fleet logo, volunteers, survey work and other places, it can help staffs work.
  • Applicable to a broad crowd, road traffic police, nocturnal police, sanitation workers, construction site workers, elderly and children, outdoor activities, rider and so on. They all are suitable for wearing the reflective safety clothing.


  • Using the reflective material is a reflection of the return, the light can be reflected back to the light source, a direct reflect.
  • With wear-resisting, washable, weather-resistant and sweat-absorbent breathable, this environmental fabric feels smooth, comfortable and more healthy.
Type Price
T-shirt $3.50
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