Small Diesel Portable Concrete Mixer Pump


Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump, a new kind of construction equipment with the both parts of concrete pump and the mixer, available with electricity or not due to the power of diesel generator, is widely used in the mixing and transportation of fine stone and aggregate concrete in engineering construction.


  • Widely used in small and medium size projects with the requirement of the mixing and transportation of fine stone and aggregate concrete, such as hydropower engineering, construction of high buildings, wharf construction, pavement construction and so on;
  • The transportation of botanical garden afforestation soil and silt;
  • Applied to the grouting in pile foundation.


  • Lighter weight and smaller operating space is required
  • Clever design of easy moving and high level stability
  • Convenient operation with wired remote control
  • Safety will be guaranteed through the stable system
  • High outputting productivity
  • Available with electricity or not.

Executive Standard:

  • ISO 19720-1:2017
  • DL/T 456-2005
Max Theoretical Concrete Output (m³/h) Max Concrete Outlet Pressure (Mpa) Power (kW) Hopper Capacity (m³) Dimension (mm) Weight (t) Price
30 10 62.5 0.35 5000 × 1500 × 1800 3.5 $5000.00
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